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Stud Boys

Sapphirestar Hercules
Blue classic pattern Snowshoe
Hercules is such a stunning boy. Huge from birth, as an only kitten he has been very much adored by his Champion Mum Elsa and everyone who meets him. The son of my gorgeous boy Spook he is the sweetest boy and carries on my beloved Phantom's line for me.
Hercules is 4th generation.  Hercules had a red card day at his first show, the Snowshoe Cat Society Show January 2017 where he was made Best in Show Kitten. Hercules won 2 x CC and 2 x BOB at his first adult show at 9 months old and was made up to Champion before he was a year old.
Unproven Closed stud

Nearly 4 months old     

8 months old
8 months old       
Sapphirestar Indianapolis
Seal preferred pattern Snowshoe
Indy is a clever boy and very talkative. He carries chocolate so is staying here to carry the chocolate line on from his father Charlie (Sapphirestar Chaos).
Indy is 3rd generation, so his offspring will be show generation.

Unproven - closed stud
Sapphirestar Loki
Seal tabby colourpoint Snowshoe
A huge big tabby kitten, super eye colour and a big bouncy boy like his Dad. Staying here to carry on the tabby lines. Loki is 3rd generation Snowshoe from BSH.
Unproven - closed stud

Sapphirestar Maverick
Seal tabbypoint Bi-colour Snowshoe

Monty is a pretty boy with fantastic eye colour. Monty is a bit leaner than his brother and he is very playful. Monty is third generation Snowshoe from BSH.  Staying here to carry on the tabby gene from his mother Cameo and the chocolate gene from his father Yeti. 
Unproven - closed stud

Kitten at front

Kitten at front

Stud Services
We have secure, purpose built stud accomodation with large runs and generous sized housing. Protected by CCTV.
My boys have a house and run each and have company from other cats when they are not entertaining.
The houses are fully insulated and have electric heating and lighting. We have built in queens quarters to enable visiting queens to settle in undisturbed. Please click here for full stud terms and conditions.


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