My Retired Cats

Sapphirestar Miss Monroe

Grand-Champion Sapphirestar Oberon
Seal point preferred pattern
Oberon is a stunning boy with a sweet, gentle personality. He is very playful and prefers people on a one to one basis. Oberon is 4th generation and of very good type. 1st and BOB at Supreme show 2018 & 2019. Best in show Adult at Snowshoe show 2020. Grand Champion before his 2nd birthday.
He has a super pattern and is big chunky boy as he does eat well. Mum May is a Champion Snowshoe, Dad is the very outgoing GMC Indy. PRA/PKD negative.
Now neutered after 8 litters.

Icegems Ariel
Seal preferred pattern girl

Ariel is a big girl with a bigger personality. She is a super seal point show pattern girl with fantastic blue eyes.  She is 3rd generation descended from a Siamese line and has a Grand Champion Snowshoe mother.
Ariel has had one litter and has gone to live with a breeder friend.
Mum to Melody and Saffron

Sapphirestar Olympia 
Blue colourpoint point girl
Rio is a very sweet little girl. She looks similar to an Old style Siamese, like her Mum Xena. Although she has no white markings, Rio has super blue eye colour and carries cinnamon.
Rio is third generation Snowshoe, her Dad is the Champion Snowshoe Destrier Cairo. Rio is a super friendly lap cat. She is clever and very affectionate.
PRA and PKD negative by DNA test & heritage Mother to Seren and Buzz. Grandmother of Dexter, Mateo and Envy.


Champion Sapphirestar Quintessential
blue tabbypoint preferred pattern
Chester is 4th generation and carries chocolate.
A very outgoing boy, big and very playful. He is a sweetie and a lovely easygoing boy.
Chester is the son of  Grand Champion Snowdust Elsa and my Monty. Chester is now a Champion and won best in show kitten at the Snowshoe Cat Society Show 2019. PRA and PKD negative.
Neutered Nov. 2019
Dad of Buzz

Sapphirestar Persephone  Seal colourpoint girl

Posy is a pretty seal colourpoint girl. She is a well grown girl who knows her own mind. Super Snowshoe type and a very playful cat.
Posy was a superstar at the Supreme 2018 meeting the public on the Snowshoe cat society's meet the cats stand.
Posy carries cinnamon. PKD and PRA negative by heritage DNA testing. Spayed July 2019
Mother to Dexter 

kitten back right

Grand Champion Snowdust Elsa - Blue point preferred pattern Snowshoe
Elsa is cuddly, a real time waster, who knows her own mind and she loves the whippets.  Elsa is 6th generation Snowshoe. She was made up to Champion in 3 straight shows at 10 months old. Elsa has since gained the title of Grand Champion, the first blue point female to achieve this. 
Elsa is normal for PRA and PKD by DNA test. Elsa has had 7 kittens, three of whom are now titled cats. 
Mother to Gr Ch Hercules, Gr Pr Jester, Ch Jersey and Chester, Grandmother to Nova, Adonis and Zeus. Spayed 05/07/19

Sapphirestar Adonis
Blue colourpoint
Adonis is a live wire with a cheeky character. A very pretty boy with a big personality, Adonis  carries cinnamon and is 4th generation Snowshoe, his Mum Rio is a lovely type colourpoint and Dad Hercules is a Grand Champion.
Adonis had a red card day at his first  show - winning all his classes and was overall Best in Show Household Pet.
Retired July 2019
Father to Dexter and Mateo

Champion Icedmocha Princess  - Seal point preferred pattern girl
May is a complete treasure, she is a cuddle bunny and a parrot cat.  May is a perfectly patterned little girl who looks so like her super father Freddie (Sapphirestar Futuristic). May is 5th generation Snowshoe with very low inbreeding.  Thank you to Mary for letting us have this super little star of a Snowshoe. May had great show success including at the Supreme 2016, she was awarded 1st and Bob and was pulled up 3rd in Best of Variety. May was also filmed by BBC One for The One Show - though she was less than impressed with her 5 minutes of fame! May was made up to Champion in three straight shows before her first birthday. May is PRA and PKD normal by DNA test. Spayed May 2019
Mother to Oberon and Pia, Grandmother to Zeus and Bella

Sapphirestar Maverick
Seal tabbypoint Bi-colour Snowshoe

Monty is a stunning boy with fantastic eye colour. He is an extremely rare spotted tabbypoint Snowshoe, most tabbies are ticked or mackerill, but Monty looks like a snow spotted Bengal in pattern.  Monty is a huge chunky boy like his Dad and he is very playful. He is third generation Snowshoe from BSH lines.  Monty inherited the tabby gene from his Champion mother Cameo and the chocolate gene from his Champion father Yeti.
Monty was a great hit with the public on the Snowshoe Cat Society's Meet the Cats stand at Supreme Cat Show 2017. 
Father to Chester, Grandfather to Buzz



Sapphirestar Xena
seal colourpoint Snowshoe
The biggest in her litter, Xena is into everything and is an intelligent girl.  She loves a cuddle and is very playful. Xanthippe's sister and a much more sunny, outgoing character. Full of the purrs of life.  Xena is 2nd generation Snowshoe descended from the Siamese and a cinnamon carrier. Spayed 31/07/18 Mother to Rio and Posy

MC Sapphirestar Indianapolis
Seal preferred pattern Snowshoe
Indy is a clever boy and very talkative. The son of Tundra and Charlie, he carries chocolate so is staying here to carry the chocolate line on from his father IGMC Charlie (Sapphirestar Chaos).
Indy was a great hit with the public on the Snowshoe Cat Society's Meet the Cats stand at the Supreme Cat Show 2017.
Indy is 3rd generation with very low inbreeding of 5.5% from BSH and import lines. He carries blue.
Father to Oberon and Posy.

Neutered 31/07/2018

Champion and Imperial Premier Sapphirestar Cameo
Seal tabbypoint bi-colour girl

A little girl with a huge character.  Cameo has fantastic eye colour like her Champion Dad Cairo, her tabby pattern is so pretty and she has the most friendly, loving temperament.
Kami has been a fantastic mother to her kittens, giving them her intelligence and kindness. She is a playful but cuddly girl who loves her coat to be combed.
Kami returned to showing in March 2018 and had a red card day winning her first cc, BOB and being placed first in both her side classes out of 5 and 3 cats at her first show.  She made Champion in 3 straight shows. Cameo is PKD and PRA negative by DNA test and was spayed 09/04/2018.
Mother to Monty and Nova

Cameo and her son Sapphirestar Nevada

Grand Champion
Sapphirestar Hercules
Blue classic pattern Snowshoe
Hercules is such a stunning boy. Huge from birth, as an only kitten he was very much adored by his Grand Champion Mum Elsa and everyone who meets him. The son of my gorgeous boy Spook, Hercules is the sweetest boy and carries on my beloved Phantom's line.
Hercules is a huge boy, weighing nearly 6kg at 16 months old.
Hercules is 4th generation with just 8.7% inbreeding. 
He had a red card day at the Snowshoe Cat Society Show January 2017 where he was made Best in Show Kitten. Hercules won 2 x CC and 2 x BOB at his first adult show at 9 months old and was made up to Champion before he was a year old. Hercules was awarded his first Grand Champion Certificate at the Supreme Cat Show 2017 and was made up to Grand Champion at the Snowshoe Cat Society Show 2018 when he was only 15 months old. He has never been withheld on.
 Neutered January 2018 Father of Nova and Adonis

Nearly 4 months old     

8 months old


Destrier Tundra - Blue Point Bi-colour Snowshoe

Tundra arrived in August 2014. She has a super pedigree and lovely temperament. I highly rate her type and she was a pleasure to live with, she fitted in from the word go and is a total sweetheart.
Tundra is a 5th generation Snowshoe and brings imported and exported lines to my breeding program. She has extremely low inbreeding - just 2.4% over 16 generations. Tundra is PRA and PKD normal by DNA test.
Now back with her breeder Kelly Cruse. 

Mother to Indy, Grandmother to Monty, Oberon and Posy

Destrier Cairo

Blue classic pattern Snowshoe
Cairo is 5th generation Snowshoe and came to us in 2014 bringing low inbreeding and diverse lines to my breeding program. He is PKD and PRA normal.  Born in May 2012 Cairo is a proven blue point classic pattern boy.
He won three IC's in three straight shows and has now won three CC's. He has the deepest blue eyes that I have seen on a Snowshoe. Now back with his breeder Kelly Cruse.
Father of Rio, Charlie and Cameo. Grandfather of Indy, Monty, Oberon, Adonis, Posy and Seren.
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MC Sapphirestar Iced Gem
chocolate preferred pattern Snowshoe
Gem is an absolute darling with far more than his fair share of attitude. He tells you everything that he is thinking but comes for a cuddle as soon as you sit down. He is stunning to look at with his warm ivory coat and chocolate and white points.  
He won Best of Breed at his first and second and
third shows in the Pedigree Pet class and has now won the title of Master Cat. Born November 2012, Gem had one litter before being neutered in Autumn 2013.  Gem is now showing at Grand level and has 2 Grand Champion Master Cat certificates.
Rehomed to the very best pet home following the onset of stress behaviour - July 2018.
Show report - May 2014  

Gem with his GCCF Master Certificate and his first Grand Master Certificate awarded May 2014.

                           June 2016

Sapphirestar Blizzard
Seal bi-colour Snowshoe 
Bob is a lovely purry big dude, very outgoing and full of mischief.  A bit of a wriggler and always up to something. He is a lovely big boy with a very typy face.
Bob is 3rd generation back to BSH and  carries chocolate.  His Dad is the big boy Smudge (Sapphirestar Valiant) and his mum is my Champion Sapphirestar Summer Day's.
Bob represented the Snowshoe Cat Society at the Supreme 2016. He was a star and adored all the attention.
Neutered June 2017. Father of Jersey, Grandfather to Zeus.

Representing the Snowshoe Cat Society
at the Supreme Cat Show
22nd October 2016 at the NEC Birmingham

Sapphirestar Yeti

Seal mitted Snowshoe
4th generation Snowshoe
A huge and rather chunky fluff ball. Yeti suits his name. I am very excited that he is my first chocolate carrying full Snowshoe. Yeti is the culmination of our outcross line to our much loved Siamese Teasel - Lynkinaca Taicligh Tito.  Yeti is a big cuddly boy and his kits have his people loving temperament. Yeti has been made a Champion he does not enjoy showing though, so has now retired.
Neutered May 2017. Father of Monty, Grandfather of Chester.

Copyright Nigel Waterworth photography

18 months old

Sapphirestar Winter's Tale
 Seal tabby point preferred pattern Snowshoe
Winter is a sweetheart, very pretty and lots of fun, as a kitten she was a quiet girl, a bit dominated by having four brothers.
Winter is the daughter of the gorgeous Sasha, who is lilac tabby point Champion British Shorthair and my sweet Champion boy Frostbite. Winter is first generation Snowshoe and she carries chocolate, so with 0% inbreeding she is an exciting addition to my breeding program.
Clever girl Winter - a red card day at her first show and won Best in Show Pedigree Pet! So pleased that so many Judges also saw how special this little girl is - she stole the show at the Croydon. Mother of Charlie and Cameo.  Grandmother of Indy, Monty and Nova

Sapphirestar Spook
Seal bi-colour Snowshoe
Spook, now Louie, is a lovely big boy with a big personality, outgoing and confident. 3rd generation Snowshoe going back to the fabulous Siamese Jackson. The son of my much loved Champion Phantom, Spook is staying here to bring chocolate and his deep blue eyes to the future Snowshoe lines. Father of Hercules. Grandfather to Adonis and Nova.
Neutered August 2016.

Photo credit Paul Mercer

Photo credit Paul Mercer

Sapphirestar Valiant
Blue bi-colour Snowshoe
2nd generation blue point boy. Lottie's kitten Smudge is an intelligent kitten, he likes people and was my keeper from a week old.  He reminds me of his Grandad Frostbite at the same age and looks right into my soul. Love this little boy and so lucky to be able to have kittens from him, he is a total cuddle bum. Father of Blizzard, Grandfather of Jersey.

Kitten on the right

         Smudge's first show where he won first and BOB.
                                     11 months old       

Champion Sapphirestar Summer Days
Seal preferred pattern Snowshoe Girl
A cat with attitude - quite a feisty little girl and the first out of the nest to explore.  Summer was awarded a cc at her first adult show as well as 2 x 1sts and a 3rd in the side classes. She was made up to Champion at only 9 months old.
Summer has low inbreeding as she is a mixture of UK and import lines Adecish Snowshoo Idris x Icedmocha Pimms, Southpole JFK is her Grandfather. She is 4th generation and has a fantastic Snowshoe coat and blue eyes and is a great example of the outgoing Snowshoe temperament.
Summer is happiest on my shoulders but she is a bit big to be a parrot cat now. Mother to Xena, Pippa and Blizzard, Grandmother to Rio and Jersey.

   Summer on right at 8 months old with her nephew

Champion Coldenufforsnow Jollity
Blue Point Snowshoe Girl - Quad Merit Winner

Jolly is a very well bred, 5th generation, Snowshoe girl from the well respected Coldenufforsnow Cattery.
She is Blue point mitted with a little white on her face. Jolly lives up to her name with a super sweet temperament her and my Ellie were inseparable.
Jolly was my daughter Ellie's foundation queen, with both her parents being Champions Jolly brings top class Snowshoe lines to our breeding program. Jolly has had a very successful show career, winning 4 Merits by 4 seperate Judges then returning at 2 years old to win her first cc and Best of Breed. Jolly's show journey ended when she won her third and fourth cc at the National December 2015. Jolly is a super Mum and raises intelligent, confident kittens.
Mother to
Champions George (Diamondice Snow Prince) now in Poland and Dancer (Diamondice Dancer). Great-Great-Grandmother to Monty.

Icedmocha Pimms
Blue-point bi-colour Snowshoe
Pimms is a little gem of a blue bi-colour girl with the prettiest face and the most knowing eyes. She is full of fun and will not stop chasing her silly tail.  She is from superb import lines and has both high generation status and low inbreeding. 6th generation Snowshoe.
Thank you to Mary for letting me have this super girl.
Pimms is a fantastic Mum but she still runs around in circles now and then, she's a sweetheart and we love her. Mother to
Champion's Summer and Phantom. Grandmother to Xena, Pippa, Spook and Bob.

Sapphirestar Frostbite 
Seal point preferred pattern Snowshoe
Frosty is a really nicely marked show (preferred) pattern Snowshoe boy. 
Frosty had a
superb start to his show career - Best in Show Kitten at the Snowshoe Cat Society show 2013. Frosty is himself a Champion and has sired four Champions.
Father to over 30 kittens he was neutered June 2015
Father of  Dancer, Winter and Kimi, Grandfather of Chaos and Cameo and Great Grandfather of Yeti, Lola and Blizzard.
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July 2013

March 2014

Sapphirestar Talisman
Tally is a third generation Snowshoe. His Dad is our Champion George (Diamondice Snow Prince) and his Mum is Tallulah (Sapphirestar Glacier) who is a super friendly girl. Tally is very interactive and "high fives" at every opportunity!
Tally is a chocolate carrier and is PKD normal. Kittens born August 2015.
Father of Yeti

Icedmocha Spirit
Seal point preferred pattern Snowshoe girl
Spirit is a second generation Snowshoe and as well as a near perfect pattern she has very good type, super deep blue eye colour and a lovely soft coat. She gets on with everyone and is very clean.
Spirit's Dad is my Frostbite's brother Freddie (Sapphirestar Futuristic) and she carries chocolate. Spirit's Mum is half Siamese and Spirit has been DNA tested for PRA (RdAc) and PKD and is normal for both, so she is not a carrier or affected by the disease. Mother to Spook
, Grandmother of Hercules, Great Grandmother to Nova and Adonis.
Neutered 15/10/15.

Sapphirestar Sherlock
Sherlock is a stunning 1st generation Snowshoe with lovely Snowshoe type and super blue eyes. He is a huge kitten and very friendly.
Sherlock is from Idris' last litter and as one of Spice's only two kittens, is very special to us as he carries the cinnamon gene.
Father to Xena and Pippa, Grandfather to Rio and Posy.
Neutered August 2015 

Sherlock 8 months old

Sherlock is on the left

The Phantom

Blue point Bi-colour Snowshoe
Phantom is a 4th generation full Snowshoe. He is blue point bi-colour so is likely to throw white to every kitten, even if the queen is colourpoint.
Phantom has low inbreeding and a great pedigree. He is Idris x Pimms.  Phantom made Champion at 11 months old.
Phantom is a happy go lucky kitten and very sweet. Now neutered and rehomed. Father to Spook, Grandfather of Hercules.

9 months old

9 months old

Sapphirestar Little-Lottie

Blue point Bi-colour Snowshoe x BSH
Lottie was a very bold kitten and quite a talker, she was the first out of the nest and was the noisiest and most adventurous kitten. Our Champion Snowshow Frostbite is her Dad and Ava is her Mum. Lottie is very outgoing and fluffy and is absolutely adorable, even with her unusual "Phantom of the Opera" face.
Lottie went to one show but wasn't impressed so she will stay at home in future. The Judges thought she was super though.  
Mother of Smudge (Sapphirestar Valiant), Grandmother of Bob(Blizzard), Great-Grandmother of Jersey. 
Snowshoo Idris
Preferred pattern seal point Snowshoe boy
Idris had a successful show career and was my stud boy for over 3 years.
Idris has a very sweet  nature 
and has contributed so much to the Snowshoe breed. As well as siring many super pet kittens he is the father of four Champion Snowshoes.
He is a family cat and loves to go for a walk around the garden now he is neutered. PKD normal.  Grandfather of  Dancer, Winter, Kimi, Spook, Xena, Pippa, Bob and May. Great-Grandfather to Lola, Yeti, Kami and Charlie.

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July 2013

Snow Prince
Preferred pattern Blue point Snowshoe boy
George  is a handsome young man with an excellent Pedigree. He is the son of my  Champion Frostbite. George's Mum is a Coldenufforsnow girl and his Grandad was the great Ferry Vom Friedewald (RIP). George is a lively little chap and was made up to Champion at 9 months old. George is a blue point, classic (preferred) pattern boy.  Now in Poland. Grandfather of Yeti
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                                        George at nearly 18 months

Lynkinaca Taicligh Tito
Lilac point Old-style, traditional Siamese boy - now neutered.  
He is very laid back and gentle with stunning blue eyes.  
Teasel gets on well with other cats and people young and old.

Teasel is a big cat and has given me some lovely healthy, strong babies. 
Tested negative FIV/FELV and normal for PRA(rdAc).

Great-Grandfather to Tally
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Sapphirestar Miss Monroe
Seal point preferred pattern girl
Missy is my gorgeous home bred seal point Snowshoe girl. She is a typically outgoing Snowshoe, who loves her toy spiders and hides them around the house to play with later.
Missy won a Merit at the Supreme 2011 and very much enjoyed meeting all the visitors.
Missy has been spayed and is now hapily living with her forever family. Thank you to Rachael and Chris for giving her the loving home she deserves.
Mother to Mary's Whiskey, Grandmother to Spirit and Great-Grandma to Spook.

Minimese Jacob
Lilac point Old-Style Siamese boy
Jackson is a very handsome Lilac point Siamese boy.  He is Old-style in type with a strong build and moderate head. He is a big healthy cat with a super Pedigree.
Jackson is a loving gentle boy, always rolling onto his back for a cuddle. Tested negative FIV/FelV June 2012.
Retired September 2013
Father to Sapphirestar Hollywood Gal (Whiskey). Grandfather to Spirit, Great-Grandfather of Spook.

Bitzaglitz Alice
Blue point Bi-colour Snowshoe
Alice came to us and had one litter before being spayed and rehomed. She was great fun to live with and an odd mix of scatty and super clever. Alice would walk into a room, look confused, if you gestured her to turn round she immediatly would and would walk back out of the room.  Alice is Idris' Mum, she has the best deep blue eyes which occaisionally appear in her descendents such as Sapphirestar Futuristic (Freddie).

Sapphirestar Alaskan Mist
Seal point mitted Snowshoe
Tilly is a first generation Snowshoe, her Mum is a Alaska a Snowshoe and her dad is my lilac Siamese Teasel. She is a very sweet little girl who enjoys her cuddles and plays a lot with Ava. She is very clever and works out any challenge very quickly before showing the other "teenagers" what to do.
Tilly has had one litter and her daughter Tallulah (Sapphirestar Glacier) is here to continue her lines. Tilly has now been rehomed to a lovely family home.  Grandmother to Sapphirestar Talisman


 Sapphirestar Glacier  Seal point mitted Snowshoe 

Tallulah was the biggest kitten in Tilly's litter and a proper fluffy bundle and she has the Snowshoe resiliant coat. Carries chocolate by DNA test, so she is staying here to continue Tilly's line. Tallulah is a bit of a monkey and loves to play with the children - especially Ellie's hair. Such a pretty girl now and a look of her Dad in her. 
Mother to Tally, Grandmother to Yeti

 Adzwoam Aubree Cammie  Cinnamon point Siamese girl
Spice is a such a purry little pet, she is so pretty and is very striking to look at. Spice is the loveliest of cats and purrs as soon as you pick her up. She is very independant and knows her own mind. She loves our Moggie Liquorish and always cuddles up to him.
DNA tested PRA normal
Kittens born May 2014 are Hero and Sherlock. Grandmother to Pippa and Xena.

Sadly missed and not forgotten

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